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Detailed Guide: South Carolina

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Allows Cameras? Yes (with permission)
Exceptions: None

Audio or Video Webcast? Yes
Media Guide Available? Yes
Allows Cell Phones to Record Video? Yes (with permission)

Extended media coverage is permitted, but presiding judges are given significant discretion to limit coverage. Those wishing to cover a proceeding must give the presiding judge “reasonable notice” of the request for coverage, and the judge may request a written notice. The judge may also refuse, limit or terminate media coverage of an entire case, portions thereof, or testimony of particular witnesses. Coverage of prospective jurors is prohibited and members of the jury may not be photographed except when they happen to be in the background of other subjects being photographed. Two television cameras and two still-photographers are allowed in the courtroom at one time, and the media are responsible for any pooling arrangements. Media personnel’s equipment and clothing must not “bear the insignia or marking of any media agency,” and the cameraperson must wear “appropriate business attire.”

The use of audible pagers, cell phones, and any other personal communication device by any attorneys, jurors, staff members, litigants, witnesses, or members of the general public, is banned in all courtrooms.

Links: Authority
South Carolina Court Rule 605: Broadcasting, Televising, Recording or Photographing Court Proceedings
Order Banning Cell Phones

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Last edited: December 13, 2022