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Detailed Guide: Seventh Circuit

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Districts Included: Central District of Illinois, Northern District of Illinois, Southern District of Illinois, Northern District of Indiana, Southern District of Indiana, Eastern District of Wisconsin, and Western District of Wisconsin

Same Procedures Apply to the District Courts? No

Allows Cameras? No
Exceptions: Oral arguments, with permission given by the court only after receiving a request for video recording at least one week in advance

Audio or Video Webcast? Yes
Media Guide Available? No
Allows Cell Phones to Record Video? No

According to Seventh Circuit Rule 55, radio and television broadcasting from the courtroom is not allowed. Seventh Circuit Operating Procedures Rule 11, however, allows the judicial panel to decide whether video recording can be allowed if requested to the Clerk of the Court at least one week before oral argument. Members of the media can access oral argument audio recordings on the Seventh Circuit website and video on the Court’s YouTube page.

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Seventh Circuit Operating Procedures Rule 11: Video-Recording Policy

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Last edited: December 14, 2022