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Detailed Guide: Maryland

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Allows Cameras? Yes (with permission)
Exceptions: Criminal trials

Audio or Video Webcast? Yes
Media Guide Available? Yes
Allows Cell Phones to Record Video? No

Maryland Court Rule 16-603 generally permits extended media coverage of trial and appellate courtroom proceedings. Rule 16-604 requires requests for coverage to be sent to the clerk of the court at least five days prior to the proceeding, and a request can only be denied for good cause. Coverage of jury selection, jurors or courtroom spectators, private conferences between an attorney and a client or conferences at the bench is prohibited. Not more than one television camera is permitted in any trial court proceeding, and not more than two are allowed in appellate proceedings. Only one still photographer, with not more than two cameras with not more than two lenses each, is allowed in both trial and appellate proceedings. Pooling arrangements are the sole responsibility of the media.

Rule 16-208 requires cell phones and other electronic devices to be turned off in courtrooms and prohibits their use for video or photographs unless authorized under 16-603.

Coverage is prohibited in criminal trials under Maryland Criminal Procedure Rule 1-201.

Links: Authority
Maryland Rule of Procedure 16, Chapter 600: Extended Coverage of Court Proceedings
Maryland Rule of Procedure 16-208: Cell Phones; Other Electronic Devices; Cameras
Maryland Criminal Procedure § 1-201: Recording or Broadcasting Criminal Proceedings Prohibited

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Last edited: December 13, 2022