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Detailed Guide: Kansas

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Allows Cameras? Yes (with notice)
Exceptions: Juvenile Court

Audio or Video Webcast? Yes
Media Guide Available? No
Allows Cell Phones to Record Video? No

Rule 1001 of the Kansas Supreme Court authorizes extended media coverage of appellate and trial court proceedings and extends coverage to state municipal court proceedings. Under this rule, coverage is permissible only by the news media and educational television stations and only for news or educational purposes.

The media must give at least one week’s notice of its intention to cover a proceeding. However, this requirement may be waived upon a showing of good cause. Photographing of individual jurors is prohibited, and where coverage of the jury is unavoidable, no close-ups may be taken. Consents of the participants are not required. The presiding judge may prohibit coverage of individual participants at his discretion; however, if a participant is a police informant, undercover agent, relocated or juvenile witness, or victim/witness and requests not to be covered, the judge must prohibit coverage of that person. Coverage of a participant in proceedings involving motions to suppress evidence, divorce, or trade secrets will also be prohibited, if the participant so requests. Coverage of materials on counsel tables and photographing through the windows or open doors of the courtroom is also prohibited. Moreover, criminal defendants may not be photographed in restraints as they are being escorted to or from court proceedings prior to rendition of the verdict. Only one television camera, operated by one person, and one still photographer, using not more than two cameras, are authorized in any one court proceeding.

Rule 1002 requires that any electronic device, including a cell phone, smart phone, laptop, or still or video camera be turned off, put away, and out of sight in the courtroom.

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Last edited: December 13, 2022