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Allows Cameras? Yes
Exceptions: None

Audio or Video Webcast? Yes
Media Guide Available? Yes
Allows Cell Phones to Record Video? No

In the Georgia Supreme Court, coverage is allowed without prior approval from the Court, and the Supreme Court retains exclusive authority to limit, restrict, prohibit and terminate coverage. No more than four still photographers and four television cameras will be permitted in the courtroom at any time. All television cameras are restricted to the alcove of the courtroom, while still photographers may sit anywhere in the courtroom designated for use by the public. Superior Court Rule 22 generally prohibits use of electronic devices in the courtroom by the jury, witnesses, and spectators, including media representatives. Under Rule 22, however, members of the media can submit requests, at least 24 hours before the proceeding, to record a court proceeding.

Probate Court Rules 10.3 and 10.10, Magistrate Court Rule 11, Juvenile Court Rule 13, and Municipal Court Rule 11 provide guidelines for media coverage in judicial proceedings. If the court elects to grant approval for media coverage of a proceeding, it must be “without partiality or preference to any person, news agency, or type of electronic or photographic coverage.” Those requesting coverage in these proceedings must file a “timely written request” on a form provided by the court with the judge involved in the specific proceeding prior to the hearing or trial. The judge, at his or her discretion, may allow only one television or still photographer in the courtroom at any one time, thereby requiring a pooling arrangement. Any additional lights or flashbulbs must be approved by the judge beforehand. Lastly, under the Juvenile Court Rules, pictures of the child in juvenile proceedings are expressly prohibited. Probate Court Rule 10.3 prohibits cell phones from being heard in the courtroom, and the judge has the authority to further restrict the use of cell phones in the courtroom.

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Georgia Juvenile Court Rule 13: Use of Electronic Devices in Courtrooms and Recording of Judicial Proceedings
Georgia Municipal Court Rule 11: Use of Electronic Devices in Courtrooms and Recordings of Judicial Proceedings

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Last edited: December 12, 2022