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Detailed Guide: D.C. Circuit

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Districts Included: District of Columbia

Same Procedures Apply to the District Courts? Yes

Allows Cameras? No
Exceptions: None

Audio or Video Webcast? Yes
Media Guide Available? Yes
Allows Cell Phones to Record Video? No

The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit does not allow members of the media to record or transmit video or audio of court proceedings. During high-profile cases, members of the media can attend proceedings remotely in the Court’s Media Room. Any violation of this prohibition on recording, even from the Media Room, could result in a further ban of electronic devices, the closing of the Media Room, or issuance of contempt sanctions.

Additionally, members of the Media may not use electronic devices--including cell phones--to record or transmit audio or video. Violations of this prohibition could result in the member of the media being barred from entering the District of Columbia Circuit facilities with electronic devices.

Exceptions to these prohibitions on recording include ceremonial functions (such as naturalization ceremonies), educational events (moot courts or training), and “an empty courtroom for use by educators and documentarians.”

Members of the media and the public can listen to oral argument audio livestreams on the District of Columbia Circuit’s website. Additionally, members of the media and the public can access archived audio recordings on the Court’s website by 2:00pm on the same day of the oral argument.

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Last edited: December 14, 2022